Welcome to E-J Builders

Proudly Serving Baldwin County Since 1960

E-J Builders is a building construction firm based in Foley, Alabama. Founded in 1960, we have been serving project owners in Baldwin County for over half a century. During this half-century, we have been instrumental in helping hundreds of satisfied clients with the design and construction of their projects to exacting specifications. Through use of our Construction Management Process, our clients have been able to realize maximum value of their construction expenditures without sacrificing quality or usefulness of the end product.

Our activities encompass construction management and general construction as well as the acquisition and development of properties. The vast majority of our portfolio is comprised of  commercial or public use projects with some high end residential. Most of our construction projects are located in Baldwin County. We have focused our efforts in one area, allowing us to effectively manage our assigned projects more efficiently. This also allows us to stay abreast of changing codes, local regulations, and conditions so that we can continue to provide the best possible service and value to our clients.

Our experienced personnel and effective practices in both pre-construction design and project construction, combined with our attention to detail and diligent management of projects, have earned us the reputation as one of the premier construction firms in this area.

Additionally, E-J Builders is financially sound with bonding capability, if needed. The ongoing discipline exhibited by our seasoned management team and the proven results achieved year after year speak for themselves. We want to assure you that every member of the E-J Builder's team will consistently and diligently work to complete your project on time, on budget, and with pride of accomplishment.

     We have real estate properties and rentals available as well.
Please visit our sister company: E & J Realty Company, Inc.